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iPod Touch 2G crashed and restarted, now screen won't respond to touch

My power button does not work, so I can’t just turn it off and on in the normal way. Is there some Windows or Linux utility that can turn it off over USB or something? Or do I just have to wait for the battery to run out?

Update (08/25/2019)

Solved it myself. Just made a backup in iTunes and then immediately restored it. It restarted the iPod and now it works fine.

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Solved it, see my edit for details.

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You can remove battery to turn off iPod touch. Or Watch hd video it will dry battery faster.

First restart iPod touch and check screen is working or not.

Try reset iPod touch. It will make screen working. if this will not work then Just restore ipod touch and then check touch screen will work.

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1. I do not want to take apart my iPod. 2. I cannot watch any videos because I cannot unlock the iPod. 3. I literally cannot restart the iPod. 4. I don't want to restore my iPod because I have it jailbroken, and the only thing i remember of getting it jailbroken is it took a lot of tries before i managed it. Also, I got my own solution.


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