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A powerful, bagless, upright vacuum cleaner part of the DC-series released in 2009. Its model number is 15804-01.

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Cant get the vacuum cleaner to stand upright

Hey, My dyson won’t allow me to stand it upright. It seems to catch on something that prevents me from putting handle straight up in stand alone position

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Well not a direct answer to your problem but the following may be of use if you have to disassemble the unit to determine the malfunction:


How do I release the base of the vacuum so I can vacuum it’s been a while since I’ve vacuumed and I can’t find the manual


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The Vacuum will not Stand Upright

Turn off and unplug the machine. Continue by leaning vacuum on its side, with the turbine perpendicular to the ground. Locate the u-bend cover, press the yellow release button, and look for any possible blockages. These blockages may be preventing the machine from locking in its upright position as well as reclining when already locked. See below link for visual guides.

No Visible Obstructions can be Found yet the Vacuum still won’t Stand Upright/Recline

Another method to try would be to firmly plant both feet on the base while gripping the vacuum’s handle with two hands. After you obtain a strong grip gently attempt to rock the body of the vacuum side to side in order to reset locking mechanism of recliner. It helps to stand in front of the vacuum with both feet on marked areas of base while pushing the handle back.

Neither of the Previously Mentioned Methods Worked

It is possible that the vacuum is broken and will need to have parts replaced/fixed and basic troubleshooting will not work. Here is a link to the full breakdown of the vacuum from an alternative specialist.

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No need to worry; Start by identifying any obstructions around the docking station and the bottom of your Dyson, focusing on debris or objects that may hinder the latch engagement. Check the swivel mechanism on the Dyson's base to ensure it moves freely, allowing proper alignment with the docking station. Clean both the docking station and the corresponding area on your Dyson using a soft cloth or brush, paying attention to crevices and the latch mechanism. If the dustbin is full, empty it to maintain balance.

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