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Le 3a fait partie des téléphones Pixel troisième génération de Google. Cette version budget est équipée de la même caméra que les modèles phare de Google. Disponible en Résolument Blanc, Simplement Noir ou Violet. Mis sur le marché en mai 2019.

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Water Damage some Touch Area not responding [Google Pixel 3a]

After of water damage I cleaned the Phone, the phone turn on correctly but some touch areas not respond, Which part of my phone is damage? the Touch Screen or other component, my reason for my question is for to be before secure buy this part.

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Water damage is always bad. In this case, water has likely either gotten inside the screen or is creating a short somewhere else like the connector, the connector cable, or an on-board component of the logic board. The cable is part of the screen and the connector is part of the logic board. You will need to systematically troubleshoot each component to determine which is at fault. I cannot suggest buying parts until you’ve done some troubleshooting and are willing to spend the money on a part that may not fix the problem. I would suggest trying to thoroughly clean the device of all water residue and test before anything else.

If you can, follow the iFixit guide, Remplacement de l'écran du Google Pixel 3a , to open the phone as soon as possible and clean the water out completely. Unfortunately, your phone requires gentle heat applied to the outer edges of the screen in order to soften the adhesive enough to cut through it and you will need to thoroughly clean all old adhesive(or Tesa Tape) and replace with new. Use high percentage isopropyl alcohol such as 99% to clean the screen connector contacts and any residual water or corrosion. Ensure it is completely dry before testing. High percentage isopropyl should help to displace the remaining water and evaporate fairly quickly. Make sure it is completely dry, then reconnect the cables, power on and test all functionality BEFORE placing adhesive strips/tape.

Rice is typically a bad thing, unless it is your only option. It may work some of the time if lucky, but it causes mineral deposits to be left behind by the water which increase chances of a short. Not to mention the rice getting inside the device and the starch left behind. It is also a very slow process. It is recommended to immediately power down, open the device, disconnect the battery and clean thoroughly.

I know this isn’t a straightforward answer to your question but I hope it helps.

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I've had a few things I've dropped in sink or puddle or have left in the rain and in the past I've taken a bowl of rice and let it sit for 24 to 48 the rice but make sure u have a lid for the container u r using and let the rice pull the moisture out. It has worked for me about 90% of the time. I hope this works for you and good luck.

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I'm sure that the cellphone is dry, I need to know if the problem of some areas of touch not responding is problem only of screen or other component for buy all part that I need to replace


Using rice is not a recommended proceedure; it fact using it may incur possible further damage to the unit. See the following for a rundown on the correct method for drying out an electronic unit:

Electronics Water Damage

Don't Put Your Device in Rice. Here's Why...

Edit: the editor seems to be barfing on the "Don't put your device in rice" so anyone interested will have to do a search site and maybe the powers that be can fix that link.


@Michael Colindres No expert here but you might want to read up on the digitizer which is responsible for touch processes.


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I have a solution for you that you can change the flex of the display. there is an advanced replacement system display reflexing method its costly but half of the original display price.

Note!! this will only available is advanced repier shops.

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