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My phone wont turn on or charge.

Their was some lint in the charging port so my charger wouldn’t go in and cleared it out to get my charger to go back inside. I plugged it in saw the charging sign come up and then it just went away and now it isnt turning on or charging.

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How did you clean out the charging port? Does it light up anymore when you first plug in? Is there flexibility in the charging port ( as if the cable feels loose)

Sounds like charging port is bad but my concern is how it was cleaned.


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It is likely if you used a metal item to clear the charging port you broke one of more of the gold connection pins which could have shorted out the charging port. Try using a different cable, different power brick, or a different outlet and see if the results change. Maybe leave it over night if you aren’t too worried about it being shorted out. If the charging symbol goes away after a few seconds that’s pretty normal. Try clicking or holding the power button on your iPhone to see if you get the low battery symbol to populate if not and no sign of life is shown then it is very likely the charging port has shorted out and will neeed to be replaced.

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