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Released in 1996 by Nintendo, second device in the Game Boy line

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Value of the C12 capacitor in GBP

Hi folks. Anyone has a Gameboy Pocket motherboard schematic? A friend of mine tried to solder bivert module into it, but he has failed and the C12 capacitor is gone.

He asks me if i try to repair it, but i don't know the value of C12 capacitor.

Any help?

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Hey. I don’t have a schematic,but losing a capacitor will almost never make it fail. The ceramic capacitors are the tiny ones. There are a bunch of them on a line to smooth voltage spikes. Losing one is almost never a big enough problem. Unless it’s the only one on the line,the game boy should still work.

ill let you know if I find the schematic,I’ll look for you. Does the game boy work still? If not,the capacitor really isn’t the reason.

I only responded to let you know that. I wasn’t trying to be ignorant and respond despite having no answer… I just wanted to let you know Incase..

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