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Fondée en 2009, vivo est une entreprise technologique chinoise qui conçoit et fabrique des smartphones.

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How to replace lcd for vivo y91

i have buying lcd from ali express kindly guide me how to replace it

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vivo 91 restart issue not open kaya issue hai kaya karna hai jo open ho jaye


My phone change touch


@vivoy1292440 if you need some help with your phone then you will need to tell us what is wrong with it. Phone change touch is not very helpful. Are you saying it is moving things by itself? Like ghost touch? We really would like to help you but we can't be guessing. You have to help us to help you.


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staz96 this video should work for you

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this video is very helpful but i don’t have OCA machine so any other tool instead of OCA machine


@staz96 the problem is that some repairs require special tools. Sometimes we just have to either invest in those tools or let somebody who already has those tools, do the repair.


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