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Sending or receiving text messages on my Mac

I’ve tried to understand the differences between Messages and iMessage on my desktop Mac. I really feels like Apple is avoiding a straight answer, they move the question to an iOS answer.

I have no problem with Messages with Apple users on iPhones or iPads, but been unable to understand the gobbledygook that Apple is trying to feed me on trying to message with android users. Sorry Apple, not all users have the brilliance to use your products.

Seems like Apple is trying to baffle me with bull sh*t.

Blue icon with Messages but Green icon with iMessages (but it only seems to be my iPad.)

Anybody doing this successfully?

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I run a Mac with a Windows operating system. That's how I fixed my Mac :-)


@ambientprotect Gee Thanks Jared but I don't do Windooze in any form for any reason at any time.


Non Apple user here (Linux and Windows instead)... only difference I see after watching a couple of introductory videos on iMessage is the ability to send/receive video, pictures and more (whatever "more" is) on Apple devices. Youtube seems to have various videos on this topic including the following which displays an actual transfer between an Apple device and an Android mobile phone.

PS Personally I don't use any of that crap so I may not fully understand what your query is about. lol :-)


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If you open your Messages settings under the Settings Gear icon within your iPhone or iPad that has cellular service, slide down to the Text Forwarding section to then enable your Mac device to accept both. For some reason Apple won’t allow SMS messages over TCP/IP yet allow iMessages to use it. Now your iPhone or iPad will forward to your Mac the SMS messages.

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What if I don't have cellular service, just WiFi?


Sadly, WiFi (Internet) won't work with SMS messaging on a Mac.

I use T-Mobile and I tunnel via their service over the internet for both my cellphone calls & data. If you can do something like that with your iPhone then you can get SMS to the cellphone to then relay to your Mac.


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