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Why is my fan not working

i have replaced the fan on the laptop and it still wont come on and when it tries to boot it just says fan error and shuts off can you help please.


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Trent, of course you made sure that you have the right fan. You also have to make sure that your heatsink on the processor is making proper contact. you also used really good thermal paste. If none of that resolved your issue, I would think that you have an error with your mother board. You can download the manual from here Page 64 gives you the error and where to look for. If you are really adventurous you can download the position of all the fuses on your mother board from my fileserver. Good Luck and I hope it'll work out.

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+ Nice way to answer this problem.


Thank you Sir.....;-)


What's this "my fileserver"? Database?


that is my little black book where I keep my stuff in case someone needs something...:-)


which we all want!! I put a comment on an ipod q if you get a chance to look at it I'd be grateful x


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