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tristar issue will it ruin the iPhone in the future

i was wondering if my iphone would be dead in the future while having an ic tristar issue. i can use it still since i am not using my phone so much wich means i can survive with the battery life but i do not want the phone to be dead after months of use. will the tristar issue kill the iphone or remain as it is?

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The tristar IC gives the signal to the phone to charge if it is faulty the phone wiil not charge. If your phone isn’t boot looping and you always have a spare charged battery you could keep swapping them out and it should keep working but there is a chance it will start boot looping if the phone can’t read the battery data.

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Also if the battery goes too flat it can't be charged with a faulty Tristar.


Ohh well maybe thats not the problem i have then, the battery deflates fast like 1% every 2,30 minutes. what could the problem be then? i got a new battery too


It could be a lot of things. One thing you can try is determining whether the battery drains with the phone powered off. If it does, a partial short on the VCC main circuit is most likely. Let us know the results.


@imicrosoldering it kind of is weird but right now that is not my main problem as of now the phone became black screen and unresponsive to chargers.


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Trister have function for.

1-Usb and charging detection.

2-Side A and B detection of charging connector.

3-Check over voltage.

This ic talks to charger before allowing it to charge the phone.This may cause slow charge,no charging sometime dead and makes boot loop.This is not a charging ic anymore charging ic is Tigris.

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ohh but what about the iphone that wont charge at all and has a black screen.


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