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A2116 / 2019 / 3.6 GHz quad-core i3, 3.0 GHz 6-core i5, or 3.2 GHz 6-core i7 processor. Released March 19, 2019.

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Can I put 64gb in it?


I know that you can put 2x16gb in it but can you also put 2x32gb in it?

The 27 imac can be configured up to 64gb on apple's site but you can put 128gb in it so I thought maybe its the same case with the 21.5.

Lemme know

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OWC appears to have it listed as being able to support 64GB !! OWC Memory Upgrades For 21.5" iMac with Retina 4K Display (2019)

I would give them a call to verify they have in fact tested it and how fully. When you get into these larger memory configs many apps just can’t access all of it. You’ll need to talk with the app developer to see what they have tested. Buying this much RAM without a firm purpose I think is wasteful!

While a single app may not leverage the full RAM space multiple apps as well as the work its self might benefit from the larger RAM space collectively. As an example many video editing apps leverage scratch space on your drive. If you setup a virtual RAM drive you could use it instead of a physical drive (so much faster!) But! Be careful here. If your system looses power so does your data held in RAM! So it has its down side!

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I am building the most powerful imac 21.5 ever made and I can get 64 for €220 atm so thats a bargain thanks a lot for the info :)


@wytse Great! i'm also trying to build it like that!. I didn't know the ram max was 64, although I had my suspicions. In the ssd i'm going for a 970 evo plus 1tb and a 1tb ssd in the sata port. Where i'm stuck is in the CPU, i9 9900 is my go to option, the 9900T does not represent an improvement over the stock i7 8700.

What do you think on the CPU?


The CPU's TDP is too high! And the systems micro code won't support it.

Besides the amount of power draw you have now with the dual drives and maxed out RAM is pushing your system to the wall for power.

Again, just because you can do it doesn't always make good economical or even use sense!


Hey lisandro! After the build and many other 2k19 builds my go to recommendation for tdp proce performance and compatibility I recommend 32gb 2666mhz i5 8500 and only a m.2 use the original hard drive an secondary a sata disk gave me fan trouble and its just annoying the i7's will go to 100 degrees strangly enough but i5 will only peak at 80 so yeah


you did it? which memory you bought? it recognizes the 2666mhz or 2400 ? (bad english, sorry)

i’m trying upgrade to 64 gb but i’m not sure what brand and model will work, mine is a i7 8700 and for what i’ve seen on comments, not every cpu recognizes the ram, nor the actual speed. (2666 rams goes down to 2400)


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Taken from our friends at

Apple reports that this model has memory "built into the computer" and "it can only be upgraded by an Apple Authorized Service Provider if you choose to upgrade at a later date." It is possible, but difficult, to upgrade the RAM yourself, too.

They have a detailed write-up on how to upgrade your iMac’s RAM here:

Here are the specs for this particular model, where it’s stated the max allowed RAM is 32 GB:

I hope this helps!

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We all KNOW only Apple can work on a Mac product! They're doing everything they can to insure that. If they use the T2 to kill it, I'd love to be at the class action law suit that will ensue.


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