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Can I fix LG-29um58-P with 25um58-P parts?

Both monitors are from the same family and one is just a smaller version of the other. At a quick glance the mainboards looks almost the same, so could I use the, cheaper, one from the 25um58-p in my broken 29um58-p? I’m guessing there is something that I don’t know about or haven’t coincided that makes this answer a no, but I’d rather ask first before potentially tossing money towards a more expensive part.

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@herorareheart lets take a look at it. got some links so we can see the boards?


Sure, here are some pictures off ebay of the boards.

First ones in the 29 and the second is the 25


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@herorareheart looking at the connectors etc. they appear to be identical. Of course there are no schematics available for either board. Why would there be since companies are not interested in us repairing our own devices :-(

If this were my monitor I would go ahead and at least give it a try. Just purchase it in a way that ensures you can return it in case it should not work.

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I'll be sure to order it later today and provide an update on if it worked or not later this week.


Got the part and took apart the monitor, it fit right where the old one did and works fine. System even sees it by the same name so I think LG uses the same innards in every screen in a family despite panel size. Only issue I had is when taking the back off my dumbass broke some of the clips, but now I know how not to do that next time.


Also seems like the screen was waiting for me to say it's fine to break again, off to make a new post...


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