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PS4 not turning on (no light, no beep)

Trying to fix up a PS4 I got which doesn’t turn on (yes I knew this beforehand. Having fun lately TRYING to fix consoles) no power, no beeping.

I did get a replacement power supply, but same thing.

Took the bottom lid off and cleaned in the fan. Still nothing. Is there more to clean that can work (a guide anywhere if so??)

I’ve tried putting a disc in it. Sometimes would hear a beep while pushing the disc in. Noticed it wasn’t as loud as the normal beep once of the times (one of about 3 times I heard it) but it wouldn’t turn on still.

Any more ideas??? Thanks heaps. Been asking a fair few questions here lately. I did see old questions on this but few as I’ve tried almost everything (perhaps not properly??)

UPDATE: Tried cleaning a bit more and now I get the blue light for a second then turns back off

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2 solutions

Hello, if you’re sure that the new power supply works perfectly then all you have to do is turn your attention to the motherboard, try to locate some black spots or abnormal smell, also tell us what happened before if you have more information.

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Thanks. Is there a tutorial here on how to disassemble it to get to the mother board? It is an original model.

I have no other info of it but it definitely has been opened before. Warranty stickers all off and even 1 or 2 screws missing on the casing


You can find everything here:

Sony PlayStation 4 Repair


Thanks! Looking at the motherboard replacement link there, it says that taking it out removes the thermal paste between the processor and heat sink. If this has happened on this console when previously opened and the thermal paste wasn't replaced, could that potentially be the problem?


Maybe, overheating CPUs cause any device to shut down immediately, but in your case even with a small quantity of thermal paste your PS4 should work for couple of seconds at least, you can always try to add some and verify if there any left on the heatsink.


I cleaned just the top part of it. Still the same thing no power. Last time as I updated the riginal post I'd get the blue light quickly before turning off.

I did however while putting the power supply back noticed I had bent one of those long pins that goes into it. Tried bending it back in place, I thought I could tell when it was back in place well when the power supply got in easily and the screws were actually screwing. Maybe I did something wrong there?? I think they may be called gnd or go into gnd terminal??? I could be way off but they look like two long pins


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Well, I recognise the issue. Usually when your PS4 is turning on and directly off again (showing the blue light for 1 - 3 seconds). It could be either your Power Supply (but it’s already replaced, right?) or the APU…

You should take the motherboard out and check.

Not sure if you are familiar with re-balling ? There are different possibilities. You could replace the motherboard by yourself or you could sent it in to Sony. Or perhaps a store locally is able to fix the APU on the motherboard ?

But before you do all this, try the simple things first. As example, try another HDD and try to replace the thermal paste. You could always try/test first, just to be sure.

And as Hamdi said, when even there is a tiny bit of thermal paste on it, the PS4 should be fine for a few seconds at least (20 seconds should be OK).

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Thanks for the reply! Right now it is turning on fine which I wrote in a reply to the above comment, but seems like now the optical drive needs a bit of fixing as it's making noise on start up and not inserting discs. Saw a tutorial on how to fix that so may give it a try in the morning (about 11pm here in Australia)


Alright. Well, let us know the outcome :). Hopefully you are able to fix it!


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