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A powerful, bagless, upright vacuum cleaner part of the DC-series released in 2009. Its model number is 15804-01.

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How do I remove the roller?

I don’t want to reset I need to remove the brushroller to clean the housing behind the roller from buildup

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I've been searching trying to find an answer for the exact same thing. You could just remove the belt on my previous Dyson but this one has a plastic cover over it that I can't figure out how to remove for the life of me. Even Dyson has no instruction on removing the plastic cover over the belt. I'm assuming they don't want you to remove it.


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Here’s a video on how to do it.

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This is not what he and I are trying to do. We know how to clean the beater brush. What we want to do is to REMOVE the beater brush but there is a hard plastic cover over the belt which there are no instructions o how to remove. Have found no videos either. Everyone just wants to show you how to clean of hair.


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This might be able to help you…

Dyson really went to far in designing replacement parts. It seems to me that they don’t really want you to tinker with the individual parts in the head assembly as it come as a whole replacement.

Good luck!

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