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La mise à jour de mars 2015 du Macbook Pro 13" avec écran Retina d'Apple, modèle A1502, présente la cinquième génération de processeurs Intel Core i5 et i7 et introduit le trackpad Force Touch.

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Anybody know what the problem is?

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hello, my nicely watched macbook pro 13 early 2015

one day just turn this no water no anything. If I plug into external monitor with hdmi the picture is great and everything works.

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It appears your display has failed. Do to the high cost of a replacement unit, I would first try calling Apple and ask them what a “Flat Rate” Depot repair would cost.


If you don’t mind please come back and tell us what they quoted you

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The T-CON logic at the very bottom of the display has failed.


That means I can only replace the logic board of lcd and I will fix the problem?


@luka11lavric - Just to give you an idea how difficult this is MacBook Pro Retina Display Teardown its just smarter to replace the entire display assembly than trying to replace the LDC panel!

Jump down to Step 9 the T-CON logic board is that little strip hanging off from the panel which you can't replace. It does the work of sending the signal to the panel.

I often encounter corrosion damage as people use a spray cleaner on the screen which then drips down. The proper way to clean the screen is to spray the cloth with the cleaner so you don't get any drips!


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