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iPod touch 5th gen submerged in pool for 30 minutes

in late 2015 maybe i brought my iPod touch 5th gen to the pool, only to realize i didn’t take it out of my pocket before getting in the water. i think it was in there for about 30 minutes. it has been sitting around for about 4 years, as i never took it to be repaired (i wish i did). when i charge it, it only gets really warm, and doesnt power on. Is it too late to save it?

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Maxwell Moore  okay so you want to do a few things to begin with . Stop charging, syncing or otherwise connecting your iPod. That will just increase your chance to completely destroy it.

Next you want to completely disassemble your iPod. Use these guides from here iPod Touch 5th Generation Repair Now it is time to clean all those year of neglect Use this guide to show you how to clean the board Réparer un dommage causé par un liquide sur un iPhone

After that, and only after it has been cleaned, replace the battery and reassemble. then you can try to restart and see what you get. Until it has been cleaned and the water damage has been evaluated there is really no good place to start troubleshooting.

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All steps to be taken only if the logic board doesn't disappear in a dust cloud at first touch ;)


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