Slow performance when charging?

I’ve been chasing a problem for the past few months and it seems to be related to when the laptop is charging. Using Cinebench r20 on battery, I get around a 2300. But as soon as I plug in my dock or charger, it drops to around 1600.

I’ve cleared the SMC and PRAM, booted into safe mode, ran the hardware test, but nothing seems to make a difference?

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First let's check the battery. Run this app CoconutBattery post a snap shot here for us to see Ajout d'images à une question existante

If you can get a USB-C power meter you can also see what is happening with your hub as well as your charger Satechi USB-C Power Meter Tester as one example unit.

Do make sure you are using the correct wattage power adapter and the correct USB-C cable. There are a few different ones that look all the same! Some are designed with larger gage wire for the power lines others have all the same gage wire. Then to add to it some only wire up one set of power pins vs all four. Find the right power adapter and cable for your Mac notebook


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