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Replacing the T-Con board on a Samsung LE37B651T3P TV

I am replacing the T-Con (Timing Control) board (part no. T370HW02 VE) on my 2009 model Samsung LE37B651T3P TV set. This is the board…

Block Image

Taking the thing apart was relatively straightforward. But now, while I’m waiting for a replacement T-Con to arrive from China, one aspect of the putting it back together is worrying me. The twin strip cables that go to the LEDs from the connectors (on the bottom edge of the board in the photo) don’t have any connector hardware on the cables themselves, they just go directly into the connectors on the board.

My question is: is there any special trick you have to use to ensure that the cables line up correctly? Or does that normally just happen automatically and I’m worrying for nothing -any useful tips would be much appreciated!

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@espri those are ZIF connectors. All you need is to insert the cable straight and it will seat itself properly. Let us know why you are replacing the t-con board. Just out of curiosity….

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@oldturkey03, thanks for the explanation.

The problem with my TV was that the colours were bad, initially with areas having a sort of “metallised” look. That was how it started, back about April, something like this…

Block Image

In the meantime things have changed a little. Now the screen is pretty dark when starting up, although the picture improves slightly when the TV has run for a while. While I could still just about watch the TV, I decided I would have to do something about it.

Looking on the Internet I found a few sites which seemed to show similar problems and they suggested the trouble was in the T-Con board. So that’s what made me hope that replacing it would cure the problem.

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@espri that us a great way to start. Yes the polarized picture etc., could definitely be a TCon board issue. Let us know how it works out.


Will do, though it might be a little while yet - the slow boat from China isn't scheduled to dock until around the end of the month :-)


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I am happy now to report that my repair seems to be successful, the picture seems fine.

Block Image

After ordering the replacement T-Con (Timing Control) board via eBay from JK_Parts (aka as the Chengdu Chengxin Micro Technology Co., Ltd., I believe) on 3rd October, the part arrived from China on 25th October, pretty well packed,

I put the TV back together yesterday, without too many problems (most of which were due to my own stupidity). The only serious one was that there was one screw left over after I had replaced the back of the TV set. Eventually I decided it should go in a hole at the middle of the back although I wasn’t altogether sure that was right and didn’t have any photo of that part of the back. It seems happy there now.

My other two problems were more laughable. The first was that the first thing that appeared on the screen once I had attached the TV to my satellite box again was an ISIPRO page to set the available channels. I couldn’t get that to react to the remote. It took me about an hour before it dawned on me that I was using the TV remote, not the satellite box remote I should have been using.

Then, though the picture was fine there was no sound playing over my external amplifier (the internal speakers worked). There is an optical link to the amplifier and I worried I had damaged the cable putting it back. Although I found comments about setting PCM mode, I couldn’t find how to do so on my TV. Eventually I went to bed, to sleep on the problem and hoped for inspiration. I couldn’t sleep and inspiration came - I suddenly realised that, while the TV was out of action, I had changed the source setting on the amplifier and I only had to change that back to TV/SAT for everything to work fine. Oops!

So, all in all, putting the TV back together went well :-)

Thanks again for all the help.

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