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Sony Led TV - white line and cloudy screen - repair or not? Pic atchd.


My Sony LED TV 32inch. KLV 32EX33b showing white lines and whole screen becomes cloudy.

While I switch ON for few minutes the screen is clear, then vertical lines appear, and cloudy screen.

I called a TV mechanic , He said screen has gone and needs replacement.


Block Image


Block Image

Third: Sometimes clear as this

Block Image

Shall I go for new TV or repair or some DIY stuffs like cleaning the LVD cable ?

Looking forward for your suggestions?


Do I need to change the Board inthe image ? I tried cleaning the cable LVD but nothing changed.

Also How to find the below part number or name? Thanks.

Block Image

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The screen may not be the problem. It’s possible it’s the cables connecting the video board to the display itself. Was the t.v. dropped, knocked over or maybe hit by a power surge?

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Hi, Thanks for your reply. TV was not dropped but there can be chances of power surge.


Hi, can you please check the updated question and let me know your view. Thanks


I searched sony KLV 32EX33b replacement video board and came up with the part. There's a video which came up in the results concerning double image that might help... if you speak Hindi.

You could try that before ordering the part. I still do not think it's the screen. Since part search results change so frequently, I'm not linking those results.


I replaced the boards on a smart TV a while back and the video was messy to say the least. When the boards were shipped, the cables were not connected. I unplugged the TV, removed the cables and turned them around. Switch ends connecting it. Try again.


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i had the same problem and i found the solution here,

you will see the CKT1, CKT2 track on the ribin cable just cut the 2 track very carefully without damaging any other track and it will fix your issue

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