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The Toniebox is an audio player for children above the age of 3 years. It was released in spring 2016.

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Can Tonie figure RFID be placed into a different figurine? English Q&A

Hi. In US and have imported Toniebox and Tonies from UK. Looking at taking RFID chip from a Creative Tonie and placing into something like a Disney Vinylmation or other figurine. What steps would be needed? Is it just the RFID chip, or is the magnet also required for operation? Any advice in English would be welcome - I did see an answer in German, but the translation through Google is mediocre at best. :) Thanks in advance!

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Yes, you can implant the chip from a Tonie into any figurine you like. The magnet has no other function, except fixing the figurine onto the box - but I would recommend to move it too (or use another one) - avoid the “homebrew” Tonie to fall off the box too easy…

Please ensure that the chip is quite close to the bottom of your figurine, the antenna is not the best…

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