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After a two-year hiatus, the model-year 2005 Sportage returned, sharing its Elantra-based platform with the 2005 Hyundai Tucson.

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Loosing Power when gearing down

I have a 2005 Kia Sportage 2lt AWD, manual gearbox, 230 000 km on the clock.

When i go uphill or try to over take and need to gear back my car seems to loose power.

Its almost as it goes into limp mode. The rpm does not go above about 2500 even with my foot flat on the pedal, and the engine gradually looses power.

The problem is that this is an intimidated problem and doesn’t happen all the time. its seems to happen when i travel long distance, thus it might be a heating problem where something over heats.

My car also seems to battle to start when it has been standing for a week or so and when the weather is very hot.

I have search the internet high and low, it seems that there are people with the same problems but no solutions.

I have replaced my fuel pump and fuel filter. the fuel filter were very dirty as it seems that it was the fist time that it has been replace. I have also done a fault reading and no fault was found. I used Injector cleaner about three times thinking that the injectors might be dirty.

I do quite a bit of dirt road driving as well maybe something could just be dirty ? Air filter is replace every 15 000 km

I really hope someone could help me with this problem.

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Just thinking now, I have replaced the Exhaust as well


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Hello @problemcar

Just thinking, what It could be:

  • Air weight


Block Image

  • Exhaust system leakage
  • Engine leakage
  • Accumulated deposits on the combustion chamber walls, but also on the pistons
  • Wear of cylinder inner surfaces
  • Wear of compression piston rings
  • Valve N75

It’s difficult to say, just only thinking, if somebody will know more information, would be better then these ideas, but nobody can diagnose your car without manipulation and measuring.

Better then the forum is repair centre…

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Air weight and many problems will need a scanner to view the data, its worth the fee to get an exact look at how all your sensors are doing. Engine coolant temperature seems to be next, if the sensor says its hotter than it is, you will also have these problems. No air leaks are allowed after the air flow meter pictured above, NONE.


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