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The smaller of Apple's MacBook Air laptops featuring dual microphones and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

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No backlight / LCD troubleshooting

Hi all!

After water damage to my Macbook Air in China the logic board was partially repaired so the laptop now boots but I have no backlight or startup sound. I just replaced the entire logic board with one I bought from eBay (little crusty looking, used etc.) and still have no backlight. Before I turn that board and request a replacement;

1) What are the chances that the used board also has a backlight issue?

2) Is it at all common for the backlight itself to “burn out” following water damage to the board?

3) Is there a simple way I can test the backlight to either diagnose our rule out any problem with the screen assembly?

Here is an image of the LCD connector schematic in case it's of any help.

Block Image



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Chances that you got a board with the same trouble you’re trying to fix are very low in my opinion, especially versus the chances you have a damaged backlight circuit in the old panel itself that may as well have killed the fuse on the replacement board. No, there’s nothing simple with potentially many or all bad parts, as you may have a faulty display, a faulty cable and possibly 2 faulty boards.

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