LeapFrog Connect Not Responding

Has anyone been able to use LeapFrog Connect software on their Mac? I was able to use the software for the first book purchased for LeapStart 3d. However, now Connect won’t even open. I’m running Mac OS 10.15. I’ve uninstalled the software, reinstalled, downloaded support drivers, all to no avail…contacted their horrible customer support (they only send emails, they don’t help you over the phone). Any help is appreciated!!

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Having the same problems. Installed LeapFrog Connect on my Mac running 10.15.2 and every time I open the app, it just crashes and opens and error report and then when I click to reopen, it just opens to a blank window and does nothing!! My some got this LeapFrog RockIt Twist for Christmas along with two AddOn Packs, but now I can’t install them. If I can’t find a solution, this thing is going back and possibly never buying a LeapFrog product ever again!!


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