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Tutoriels de réparation et d'entretien pour les voitures et SUV fabriqués par Saturn Corporation et dont la production a été stoppée.

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Rpm gauge malfunction over 3k rpm

I have an 08 saturn vue xe awd 3.5 v6

When I try to push the car over roughly 3k rpms(rarely it happens at 2.5k but I can usually push it up to 3.2 but not always that high) the rpm gauge malfunctions then shuts down. After this happens the car shifts funny ie slow acceleration, high revs and hard shifts or not seeming to want to If I shut the car off and wait for it to reset or disconnect the power wire it resets the gauge until the next time. If I'm not in a position to stop and continue to drive the car this way it will trigger the check engine light. The check engine light stays on for a day or two even though the rpm gauge is reset. Then seemingly randomly one time when I start it up it wont be on anymore. (I havent gotten a chance to check the code for the check engine light yet) lastly I'm not sure if this info is helpful or not but one time my wife had to drive it in manual to get it to shift after this happened and a separate occasion I had it die at a traffic light while I was trying to get it off the road after this happened.

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We will need that code please, it seems as though you have a CMP or CKP problem.

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