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used a higher fuse. did I ruin my husbands zero turn?

I changed a blown fuse on my husbands club cadet mower but i replaced it with a larger one. when i tried starting the mower a huge cloud of white smoke came out. can someone tell me if ive ruined his mower?? because if i did i need to pack my things and leave before he gets home!!

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where the smock came from n whats it smell like?


it smelled electrical but it came up from the motor


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let us know what make and mower the mower is. Unlikely that this was caused by a bad fuse. Now it’s time to narrow down what may have happened. Usually a plume of white smoke is caused by water in the fuel/cylinder whereas a blue/white is from oil being burned. You’d have to check all fluids and check the wiring. We can probably help you but need more information. The other thing that helps us helping you as a couple of good pictures (engine, belts, transmission etc.) so we can see what you see. Ajout d'images à une question existante

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oh! if the fuse blow again , there is a shortage somewhere. you will need a tester. check to see if any wire burn.

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