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Repair information for the HP TouchSmart 300-1020 Desktop PC. Released in 2009. Model number: NY536AA.

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Trying to update WiFi driver

I downloaded the driver but it says that it doesn’t meet the operating system requirements update has been canceled 9998 and there are no newer drivers l

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The problem is this was released when most of the HP wireless cards were using Ralink chipsets outside of a few business models and consumer laptops with the option to upgrade to Intel wireless or came with it standard - I believe this is one of the Ralink only systems since it’s from 2009 and 2 years younger then the 2011 buyout. Refer to this guide to change the card - yes, you really need to remove the heatsink to get to this one so buy some thermal paste before opening it and clean the dust while you’re there.

If it’s a Realtek card (RTL), these aren’t much better then the Ralink cards (RT) in regards to some of the old ones in regards to getting a vendor supplied driver update. You’ll just have to hope you have a modern enough chipset to get more current drivers for it and if not, it has to be replaced.

Ralink was bought out by Mediatek in ~2011, so there have been no new drivers for *years* - you need to replace these Ralink cards now if you have any compatibility issues. This is far worse on the laptops because HP has a WL, so you need the service manual and the HP Part# to find a replacement card. The desktops don’t have one as far as I know, so any open market card is fair game as long as it’s half height - I know the IQ506 I did the Ralink card swap on didn’t and I was able to put an ath9k card in - although I don’t think anyone buying new should seek out one as many of them lack 5G support. Find an Intel 7260 802.11ac or ath10k card if you have a doomed Ralink/Realtek.

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Hi @magicjet_ ,

Don't know your PC but go into Device Manager and find the make and model number of the WiFi card and then go to the card manufacturer's website and check if they have more up to date drivers appropriate to the OS installed

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if you didn’t change the network card, Restore the computer to an Earlier Date will fix the problem.

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