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Le Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (appelé le Note 5) est un téléphone du style phablette avec un stylo, fabriqué par Samsung et commercialisé en août 2015.

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Phone shutting off by itself upon unplug. Need assisstence. HELP!


My Samsung Note 5 is working fine till today. For some reason, once I unplug the charger, my phone will shut down by itself. However, when I plug in again, I can on it with no problem. By the way, I have fast charging but it’s charging slower than normal though it still says fast charge. (It takes around 10min to charge 1 min). Tried pressing the back of my phone (push battery back) and also plugging to phone but unplugged from output. Anyone has any ideas on how I can fix it? Or must I replace a new battery? If it is the battery’s problem, may I know which part is broken?

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Does the phone work fine while charging? Did you leave the charge cable plugged into the phone and unplugging it from the wall outlet to see if the phone still turns off? It may be possible that when you unplug the charge cable from the phone, the charge port has a short. Squeeze the phone to force the battery inside to make better contact to see if the battery is the problem as another test.


Go to battery world and get a new battery, make sure you get a Samsung original battery off them not one of their batteries. The original will last longer. What percentage does your phone charge too. Does it say 100% charged just before you unplug it.


@duane donaldson it works fine while charging. I tried unpluggin from the outlet but plugged into phone, didn't work. Tried pressing the back of phone to push the battery but didn't work.


@bortolli I'm trying to find a way to fix without replacing a battery, and will only do it if it's a last resort. I can charge to any percent I want, just slower than normal...


Any more ideas?


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It may be that the battery is failing under load.

Try replacing the battery and check if that resolves the problem. Even rechargeable batteries have a lifespan.

Here’s a link to the ifixit Samsung galaxy Note 5 battery replacement guide which may be of some help.

The Galaxy Note5 Battery (also with fixit kit option) is available from ifixit. (Note the shipping restrictions).

Alternatively if you search online for galaxy Note 5 battery you will get results for suppliers that may suit you better.

Image Galaxy Note5 Battery


Galaxy Note5 Battery


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Is there anyway to fix it as I will only want to replace battery as last resort.



If the battery is the problem, then you may be wasting your time looking for another problem that is not there .

You have to start with a known good power supply and work from there.

You said that when the charger is connected that there is no problem, i.e. you are using a known good power supply,

Yet when it tries to work on the battery only it doesn't work at all.

It could be a problem with the circuit but unless you have access to the schematic (and I can't find one, you may be luckier) it will be very difficult to find.


@jayeff I tried squeezing my phone and it lasted for a while before it shuts off again. However, the charging is slow. Is it battery's problem or is it loose battery?



Only way to find out is to open the tablet and check the connection between the battery and the motherboard


@jayeff Is it possible to go down to a normal Samsung outlet or shop to do the checking/replacement as I don't want to risk spoiling my whole phone should it be only my battery's problem.


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Hi @c0h3n0916

Ifixit still has Galaxy Note 4 Battery for sale. However take note of the shipping restrictions.

There are other suppliers online as well. Just search for 1/CP6/42/96 battery to get results.

Image Galaxy Note 4 Battery


Galaxy Note 4 Battery


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The most common cause of the phone turning off automatically is that the battery doesn't fit properly. ... Make sure the battery side hits on your palm to put pressure on the battery. If the phone turns off, then it's time to fix the loose battery. The solution is rather simple.

Try to connect with Samsung service center they will surely help you out.



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Hello, the battery is internally built so I do not understand what or how I can hit the battery side.


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