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iPhoneX of Face ID question


I’ve question about face ID on iphoneX.

The mic phone parts have;

1. proximity sensor tof & flood illuminator part.

2. Ambient light sensor part.

I tried replaced as new one of mic phone parts whole of it and I just changed original one proximity sensor tof & flood illuminator part to new one.

Not Ambient light sensor part.

Is that OK? or I have to be change Ambient light sensor part also?

Now my face ID don’t recognise my face and stuck on front camera on.

How I do now?

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Im pretty sure that you can replace anything from the face ID unit event the ear speaker bit because Apple has tied it all together and the only way to get it repaired is to go to Apple at this moment in time. If someone can confirm this that would be good as I’m not 100% sure.

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Yeah fairly sure you lose faceID when earpiece flex assembly is replaced.

The only replaceable part there would be the earpiece speaker while retaining the same flex without losing face ID as that can be desoldered.


@benjamen50 Yeah I agree with that, Apple has programmed all of it so you cant change anything really. Possibly desoldering and resoldering new parts however some are paired with the motherboard like the infrared dot projector so no chance.


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