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En juin 2017, Apple met à jour le MacBook Air 13" avec un nouveau processeur Intel Core i5 Broadwell, ce qui donne une légère augmentation des performances et de l'autonomie de la batterie.

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Restoring via network recovery. Corrupted info. on recovery server?

Trying to restore operating system on Mac OS Sierra and using network recovery option. After it verifies it says “The installer information on the recovery server is damaged”. Top recommendation is to download the macOS Public Beta Access Utility. Is this still available and has anybody had any luck with this method? Any help is appriciated.

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Looks like Apple failed to update the recovery server images! Apples certificate expired!! Here’s more If you've got an old macOS install image, it will probably stop working today

Here’s the needed image file How to upgrade to macOS Sierra Jump down to Step 4 for the download.

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Chose to upgrade to newest compatible OS, Option-⌘-R on startup, instead of restoring and seem to have dodged a bullet. Thanks for the pointers, Dan.


Yes, you are lucky! What are you running now? Did you bump it up to Catalina?


@danj Yep, wiped drive and then updated to Catalina.


@haroldcantlie is it safe to wipe up drive and then update to Catalina ?


@Irshad Ahmed - Yes, you'll want to reformat the drive. But you should make a bootable OS installer thumb drive following this guide How to create a bootable macOS Catalina installer drive


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shutdown iMac / hold option/command & R keys down on keyboard & restart the iMac.

go into MacOS Utilities / select Disk Utility / select the top HDD in the list on the left / CLick ERASE / then SHUTDOWN again / (repeat the same startup process) hold option/command & R keys down on keyboard & Turn on the power to the iMac WHILE holding the keys down until the MacOS Utilities comes back up. NEXT / select REINSTALL MacOS /continue… then follow the prompts and BE SURE to select the same HDD that you previously formatted before you restarted the iMac. .. this will download the new Catalina OS .. it will take a while… I just did this myself while on the phone with Apple Support… and it worked.

P.S. it's best if your iMac is plugged into a network jack and not on wifi .. but wifi will work just as well but a bit slower.

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