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Propel Mini Flying Batwing released November, 2016 identified by model number: WB-4010

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I need spare propellers

Can u tell me the correct size propellers for the Batwing performance stunt drone HD

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2 solutions

Hubsan X4 H107 Propeller Blades Props

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I have those and they don't fit


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I tried several different types of propellers, but the main problem replacing these is that they are “push” props, meaning they push the drone off the ground, rather than pull it into the air. Very, very few drones use these types of propellers, so they are hard to find.

I measure the length of the prop as 56mm . I don’t know the shaft diameter but I would guess that it’s 1mm .

Exact replacements are hard to find as they don’t make these anymore but here’s a listing on eBay:

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