I need help with eMMC problem - remove from phone/extract data

Hi. I’m August. I need help about eMMC problems.

The phone itself is Galaxy Note II, using the eMMC model KMVTU000LM-B503.

My phone is dead like more than a year ago but I just put it somewhere so that I presume there was no more damage to the phone since it is dead. It may be the sudden death syndrome so that may the eMMC itself is dead but this little piece have data which is really precious to me. I want to try everything I can. At least be sure that this one is really dead. So that I can move on from this.

So, first thing, is there any way that I can remove the eMMC from the motherboard by myself? If it is unavailable, is there any other chances that I can get the service of removing eMMC without damaging it without get to the data recovery center?

Second thing, on the supposition that I successfully remove it from the motherboard, how can I use the thing so called “USB type eMMC Adaptor”? And if I make it out, how can I extract the data from the eMMC?

I heard that It needs a certain firmware or some sort of it to connect between my PC and eMMC. Where can I get it, how can I use it, any other tips, etc., I wish that I can get all about it since I’m not even an amateur on this.

Thank you for your interest on my question. I can feel that this will be a hard job on me but I think it’ll be worth for me. Please be generous and help me, tech-gods.

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see this video. May be you need to get same model phone and try. Good luck. Please document all your efforts - useful for others! Good luck!


@bmx2019 Oh, I saw this video before but thank you still. I think I'm gonna try it with cheap board, the USB type eMMC PCB. There were tons of it on AliEx. Now the problem is how can I remove the chip from the motherboard safe and clean, and how can I dump that eMMC chip into an disk image file. I'm sure that this one isn't encrypted so I got one less problem..And one more question, I didn't soldering for a long while, so I'm gonna do it by attach wires with every pin and sockets. Do you have any good ideas to apply on this?


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