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Sorti le 25 septembre 2015. Modèle A1688/A1633. La réparation de ce modèle est similaire à celle des versions précédentes et nécessite tournevis et outils pour faire levier. Disponible en GSM et CDMA / 16, 64 ou 128 Go / Argent, Or, Gris sidéral ou Or rosé.

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iPhone stuck in recovery mode

My phone started randomly shutting off and then on again. Every time it would turn on, it would be on for a minute or even less, turn off again and then start turning on again on its own. I tried fixing it by getting it into recovery mode - that didn’t work even though I tried doing it multiple times. At some point, my phone just got stuck in recovery mode, and now it won’t turn on at all.

I also tried connecting it to iTunes and updating iOS while in recovery mode, but every time I would get some sort of error, usually error 75.

I have no idea what else to do, and I would like to avoid putting it into DFU mode. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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If a new battery and charge port doesn’t improve the situation, then your next ‘most likely’ fault would be damage to the tristar usb recognition chip which can cause these symptoms. Changing tristar is not a DIY job, but can readily be done by any competent microsolderer. If not tristar, then it can be failure or corruption of the flash memory chip.

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