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Model A1419 / Late 2013 / 3.2 & 3.4 GHz Core i5 or 3.5 GHz Core i7 Processor, ID iMac14,2

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I have similar issue with my 27 iMac 2013 model, it was working all fine after ssd drive upgrade (done 100's) and it stopped working. I tested another working power supply and it won't turn on and no LED's are on. I tested the power supply thinking it was faulty but it work's fine on another machine. When I put my ear to the PSU I can hear electricity but on pressing button nothing turns on, tested few other cables and still no LED lights. Could the logic board be fried as there was a lot of dust when I cleaned it from the previous owner during the SSD drive upgrade.

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I have had the same circumstances. Got #1 green diagnostic LED, changed power supply and still nothing but #1.

At this point I changed the logic board and it worked. Old power supply was good.

iMac Intel 27" EMC 2639 Logic Board Replacement

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