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A2115 / 2019 / Processors from 3.0 GHz 6-core i5, up to 3.6 GHz 8-core i9. Released March 19, 2019.

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Can I switch the Gen 8 i5 CPU to a Gen 8 i7 or Gen 9 i7?

I plan on purchasing the base 3.0 Model 2019 IMac soon. But for music recording, producing, and photoshop, I would need a i7 (at least that is what I’ve read). Is it possible to switch the pre installed Gen 8 i5 for a Gen 8 i7 (k or not) or Gen 9 i7 (k or not.)?

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Unfortunately iFixit has not published a teardown for the current iMac, however previous versions allowed swapping out of the processor, suggesting you might be able to upgrade it. HOWEVER the socket on the iMac must match the processor you are replacing it with (a LGA1151 socket). You can find the list here. I would also check that there is a macOS machine that supports the processor as you don’t want to have to hack the processor into the system.

Have a look at some teardown videos to check that you would be able to do it. Personally, I would go for less RAM, upgrading this later, rather than attempting to disassemble and upgrade the iMac.

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