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Une console de jeux télévisés produite par Sony Computer Entertainements, également connue sous le nom de PS4. Annoncée le 20 février 2013 et lancée sur le marché le 15 novembre 2013.

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ps4 BLOD and WLOD fix

my ps4 turns and stays on the flashing the BLOD issue

when i get it into safe mode i can get the system to start up fine but after a few minutes it makes a buzzing noise then video is lost and the white stays on and all my tv shows is a black screen… i was thinkng it might be the hdmi chip but it work for bit then video is lost so my last guess would be a faulty power supply cuz the system was dropped before it was given to me

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could it be the APU?? i dont think its that but idk or could it be a messed up power supply from being dropped


@rickycampbell you wouldnt even be able to get into safe mode if it was the APU. a lot of parts of this PS4 is literally synced with the motherboard so you wouldnt be able to use what ever part you wanted. IDK if you would have that issues with this PS4. But i would definitely check all connections because I have had so many PS4's be sold for being "broke" and it was all just a lose connection


I opened the ps4 top and insect was staring right at me ,l figured it was causing my ps4 to turn off after 1 second, so l hit that insect upside the head, and it went eeeeee. eeeeeee. from fear, than I hit power button and ps4 works perfect, LOL


@Alex Duncan

like what kind of loose connection?? idek what to look for!! the system does heat up really fast when i try turning it on!! the power supply i think is problem.. ive already checked the hard drive and even put a new one in to make sure it would work


@yeehaw mine didnt have bugs in it but i did clean out the dust in it tho


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i would take out the components and see whats loose. If there is nothing loose then check to see if there is anything broken. If you don’t know if you feel comfortable taking it apart you can always go to your nearest service center. I doubt it’s the HDMI Encoder or else it wouldn’t show up at all


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