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Mis sur le marché en juillet 2018, le MacBook Pro 15", modèle A1990, est muni d'un écran de 15,4 pouces avec rétroéclairage LED et technologie True Tone et d'un processeur 6-core i7.

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Logic board burnt - Apple refusing warranty

I have a MacBook Pro 2018 (custom build) where my Logic Board has been “burnt” according to the authorised Apple Repair Center. I have AppleCare Protection (I live in Denmark, so it’s not the same as AppleCare Protection Plus, as far as I know).

The machine is just about 1 year and 3 months old. It’s been repaired 2 times in February 2019 (logic board replaced) and March 2019 (top case replaced) due to a blinking Touch Bar.

On Monday, November 18th, Macbook Pro would not turn on. It had been hooked up to my LG UltraFine 5K screen standing on my desk the entire weekend (it is hooked up to this screen a lot as it’s my primary workstation).

When I’m on the road, I’ve been using a smaller charge from Innergie (60W USB-C) which is fine for most uses.

According to the repair center, the logic board has been “burnt” (specifically this component):

Block Image

Apple is saying that this is an external damage to the logic board and as such is not covered under warranty. To be clear, there has been no other electrical damage to any other devices in my house (i.e. no lightning storm or weird surge in power).

Can anybody shed some light on this? I’m just shocked I have to pay over 1000 USD for this when I purchased the extended warranty from Apple :)


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The small charred component is a capacitor along the battery charging circuit and I wouldn't be terribly surprised it was caused by the charger. Third party chargers usually damage components right there, along the battery charging/main power rails creation and that may explain why you were denied free support, although I find it a bit difficult to prove behind any doubt it was your fault or caused by a third party charger.

Don’t forget that here in EU the second year warranty has to be provided by the seller and not by the manufacturer.

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I'm just surprised that USB-C power can cause this. I thought this was pretty well regulated. Thanks for clarifying what the component was. I suppose they might be on to something here then.


@arbaman One question: I used my LG UltraFine 5K and also I dock with a CalDigit TS3 Plus. Do you think these are "dangerous" to use for me?


@mikenielsen I don't know in depth these two accessories, but docks and monitors in general should not be regarded as responsible for issues, unless they are faulty themselves or suffer physical accidents when they're plugged in. Even in that case Usb-C ports should provide a first barrier protection, but theory and reality sometimes don't go hand in hand.


@mikenielsen - No they are not dangerous!

But the AC power outlets they use could put your system at risk! Which is why I always use a UPS for my system and the devices that directly plug into it. If you have an Ethernet connection then the hub and/or router is also protected on its own.

Basically, any wired pathway that connects to an AC outlet has either a UPS or good quality surge protector protecting it. I even have a whole house GFI/Surge/Lighting protection device in my breaker panel.

I live in a very old part of the city the streets power wiring is constantly messing up! Monday most of the day I was without power. I've lost too many devices to surge damage. Even my large TV is on a UPS!


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First Denmark law requires a Two (2) Year Limited Warranty

So technically your system IS still covered from product defect! Which its clearly is what you have here even if this is the second time you’ve encountered an issue! So you do need to go back to Apple to get this fixed.

Now why did they turn you down: Because you went to a Authorized Apple Repair Center Vs an Apple Store. I’m assuming you went to this Authorized Apple Repair Center because I don’t think Denmark has an Apple Store yet and it was closer to you. I often find they are unwilling to follow procedure as they get pennies for the labor to ship your system to the Apple repair depot.

So you’ll need to find your way to a real Apple Store which I realize is a bit of a chore! Try contacting Apple to see if they offer a shipping option.

You may need to contact the Denmark consumer rights office for them to help you or a consumer rights lawyer ($$)

Even if Apple gets the system they may give you a song and dance! Your system has a record! What it says could mess you up. You need to dust off your records so you have the previous repair records, not knowing what it says could hurt you!

Now you don’t want to face this again! So once you have your system fixed sign up for Apple Care + support contract ASAP! ($$) that buys you a bit of a cushion for the next time!

OK, I got my system back now what!

You need to be a bit paranoid! While Apple has embraced USB-C for powering its systems you really need to stick with Apple power adapters!

Unless Apple sells it do not use it! Apple doesn’t offer certification of the 3rd party chargers as of yet. So put your Innergie charger in the drawer or give it to someone who has a Samsung phone ;-} Let’s hope it wasn’t the cause of the burnt component.

Beyond that you should use a good surge suppressor both at home and on the road. Frankly, I would go with a UPS at home as being even better.

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I tried to make the argument about the limited warranty, but they just stick with the fact that it's an "external" damage to the system and as such is not covered under any warranty.

I'm positive it was *not* the Innergie charger as it was not hooked up to the system when it happened. Only if the Innergie charge caused some small damage while connected over time which suddenly resulted in this burn out while the screen was connected to the LG screen. I will stick with Apple's chargers for sure :-)

Thanks for your advise about surge protection - I will definitely look into that immediately.


@mikenielsen - Time to talk with Denmark consumer rights office or a consumer rights lawyer.

The argument you need to push is the damage is internal not external and you used the Apple charger and cable the system came with.

They owe you a repair!


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