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2018 Mini doesn't boot after RAM upgrade


I have upgraded my newly purchased Mini to 16GB of memory. This is the memory I purchased:

Unfortunately my Mini doesn’t seem to boot now :( The LED turns on, but no display is output. Furthermore, after a minute or two I can hear the fans restart and the LED goes off and on so presumably the mini is constantly rebooting.

Firstly, the above memory should be compatible, shouldn’t it? Secondly, does anybody know what I possibly could have done wrong? I’ve no idea what has happened as I thought the upgrade went OK. Is this symptomatic of me forgetting to plug anything back in, for example?

Very sad about this :(

Thanks for any help!

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Alright, resolved now. Memory wasn’t seated correctly.

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Thanks for coming back with that update! I was panicking a little after my initial repair attempt was unsuccessful but your comment helped that a lot. I just went in and seated the ram better and it worked like a charm.


Same happened to me. The rubber guides on the ram retainers sometimes won't go back to how they were without a little jostling once you have put the new RAM in. After booting to a blank screen; I nervously re opened the mini and checked the seating, now everything is working fine.


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