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Gnarbox 2.0 SSD upgrade

I’m wondering if anyone has upgraded the SSD in a Gnarbox 2.0?

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Did you actually succeed in swapping the ssd? I am considering it too….


I've not got the guts to do it yet. I would think someone who has more knowledge to attempt it first


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It says it uses NVMe SSDs, so in theory it should be possible. This will void the warranty if you have one that’s active and it may impact the water resistance of the drive.

If you’re okay with risking the water resistance and loss of warranty, it may very well be possible to replace the drive(s) installed. Get a good one like the WD Black NVMe series and you’ll be okay. If you bought the 256GB one, it may not be as easy with the entry level version (256GB) based on the FCC teardown. The 256GB version uses a M.2 2230 drive, which may make it a bit difficult to get anything meaningful beyond drives like the WD SN NVMe series 512GB or Chinese reference designs. Hopefully the 512GB/1TB versions are more practical to upgrade like you want to do.

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