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Mis sur le marché le 21 septembre 2018. Modèles A1921, A2101, A2102, A2104. Disponible avec GSM ou CDMA / eSIM ou nano-sim / 64, 256 ou 512 Go / Argent, Or ou Gris sidéral. (Se prononce "iPhone 10 S Max".)

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XS Max Face ID not working after display change

I have a XS Max that had cracked display. Display was cracked on the top so that is blocked the projector in the right part of the notch. Crack was right in the middle of the sensor yellow thing. I installed new display yesterday and carefully made sure every part of the assembly inside the phone is not broken and moved the sensor part form old display to the new one. Face ID is still not working.

Proximity sensor works, ambient light sensor works, speaker works, front camera works. When face ID is tried to initialise phone says move phone up/down. And little red light is on in the left part of the notch when this happens

Only changed part is the display. The display data has not been transferred to the new display so it is missing true tone now.

Any ideas?

I already did a hard reset and the normal SW things.

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1 solution

Open the front camera and take a self-portrait, check if the background is blurred. There might be flex cable broken.

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Sorry for the lateness of my reply. The phone in question is in use daily in my family. I got hold of the phone and tried taking selfie. It focuses nicely to the person and background is a little blurred. Looks fine to me. On the other hand I am not sure what I should be looking for


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