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Sorti 22 septembre 2017. Modèles A1864, A1897. Disponible en version GSM ou CDMA / 64 ou 356 Go / Or, argent et gris sidéral.

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Why does the flash and cameras not work?

I have done a full housing swap, mainly got new parts in case i accidentally tore some flex cables which did happen on a few occasions.

So i boot up the phone and start testing it, front camera did work but seemed terrible quality (new screen still has plastic on it, light is directly behind me too, so they may have been factors), Rear camera just showed a black screen, i tried the flash from the control centre, that also didnt work. I turned the device then a few minutes later turned it back on, this time neither camera worked and both showed black screens, flash still didnt work, and now the charge port isnt working.

The volume flex is brand new, volume and power buttons work, mute switch doesnt as it is stuck (advise on that would be appreciaed).

The charge port is brand new too however I may have damaged that accidentally, at first wasnt lining up with the logic board, it does now, but i dont see any tears or anything indicating damage really. I havent tested charging it wirelessly as I dont have a wireless charger.

The “wifi diversity antenna” isnt installed as it has a bit of a large tear in it now, plus its very very difficult to install again, but wifi still works well connects to my samsungs hotspot, havent tried connecting to the wifi yet but i assume that should have no problems? Havn’t tested a sim card yet either.

I have a new taptic engine and wifi diversity antenna on its way, however will take a while to actually arrive, so in the mean time would like to make sure everything is functional.

Any help/advice is hugely appreciated. Device is currently running a version of iOS 12, had a quick look but cant recall exact version it was.

I will continue doing my own research too.

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i might be a torn earpiece or front camera ribbon.


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Where did you buy that housing from? It sounds like it may have been a rip off if that many parts don’t fit or work. As for the cameras, make sure you have the cables connected just right. I had a similar problem with an iPhone 4s that I worked on. The screen was not turning on simply because the cables were not connected just right. Also make sure it is aligned with the camera hole too. Make sure that the little connectors on the logic board aren’t bent and that none of them are missing as this can also cause this sort of problem. I really hope this helps!

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