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The RIDGID R2740 is a heavy-duty corded belt sander. The intended use of this device is meant for, but not limited to woodshops, at home and construction sites.

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similar Craftsman 3x21 Belt Sander 315.117260 disassemble for repair

Upon disassembling the sander, I found that the left armature bearing failed, heated, and melted the plastic holding it in place. I can’t get the gear off of the armature in order to take the damaged parts off. I think it’s reverse threaded, but no way can I get it to budge. Help I would think a repair should be possible. Or, have Craftsman tools gotten so bad that this cannot be repaired?

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Have you tried heating the part?

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Hi Kevin, No, I pretty much gave up and set aside the tool. I recently found the box that I put it in - maybe I’ll give it another go. BTW, would you be interested in buying this for parts? Chris


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ereplacementparts shows parts available

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