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A2115 / 2019 / Processors from 3.0 GHz 6-core i5, up to 3.6 GHz 8-core i9. Released March 19, 2019.

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Upgrading the Fusion Drive to M.2/Blade SSD on iMac


So I just ordered the 2019 27“ iMac Base Model. That means 1tb Fusion Drive, i5-8500, 570x, 8gb RAM. My plans were to upgrade the RAM to 32gb (which surely isn’t a problem) and replace or (if possible add to the Fusion Drive a Samsung 970 Evo 1tb. From my own research, I should be able to just switch the 32gb Fusion Drive SSD to the Samsung one with a Sintech adapter. I just wanted to get another opinion before I buy all the parts to see if it’s possible. (Note: I definitely want to upgrade to a NVME one not SATA)

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Don't use the Sintech adapter! Stick with the Apple custom blade SSD.


I’ve seen quite some people swearing on Sintech adapters even in this Forum. I’ll probably wait and see how it works out.


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STOP! Cancel your order!

You want the PCIe/NVMe SSD model not the Fusion Drive model! Adding the SATA HDD is the easer and cheaper way to go!

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Well i would go Apple SSD, but i wasn’t exactly looking to spend 600€ on a 1tb SSD. Are you saying that it isn’t possible to change the Fusion Drive (take out the 32gb Fusion Drive SSD since it sits in the Blade Port) and put in there a Samsung 970 Evo 1tb M.2 and use a Sintech M.2 to Blade Adapter to make it fit? Otherwise i get that the SATA Option would be substantially easier to replace, but I really was looking for those NVMe Speeds.


By the time you did this you would have spent it in time ands other costs (risk of damage). And you still have the issue of loosing your warranty! Given the current quality issues Apple has been facing I would even get an extended warranty (AppleCare+)

I personally don't recommend using M.2 SSD's in iMac's given how deep it is. In a MacBook Pro or Mac mini is a lot easier to get too. Even still I have a drawer full of dead drives and failed adapters.


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