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Sorti le 19 septembre 2014, cet iPhone avec un écran de 4,7 pouces est une version plus petite de l'iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiables par les numéros de modèle A1549, A1586, et A1589.

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Water Damage cleaned up but screen not working


Have followed guidance from other answers. Ive completely dismantled the phone after water dammage. Cleaned every connection with 99% Isopropyl alcohol, ive submerged the board in it also and recleaned. I've removed the heat shields to clean as much as I could. I bought an ultrasonic bath and cleaned the board with the isopropyl alcohol in it also, I ran a few cycles.

I replaced the battery, the charging port and the screen. The original screen was cracked to begin with.

On booting up the new screen is still black and won't display anything. The phone is responding to the home button with vibration, vibrates when plugged into charge etc … but nothing on the screen.

I'd like to back up the data at the very least but the phone hasn't been paired with a computer and need the screen to do this so I'm stuck.

Any ideas? Could something have gone on the board that's preventing the new screen from working?


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Do you know how to test the backlight circuit etc?


I don't but could follow a guide if there is one?


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Sounds like the display connector got damaged for sure, but if the digitizer still works, you can use a lightning to HDMI adapter to pull the display on a monitor, and just use that to navigate around the phone to do a backup.

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That's a creative solution!

Can you back up via USB while the HDMI adapter is connected though? I'm sure I could use iCloud backup if not and use something like mega to backup photos.

I'll order one of those to test that out and let you know how I get on.

Ideally would like to have a working phone again too but I'd settle for a backup.


Tried a second screen but no joy again.

Have ordered the HDMI adapter will update when it arrives


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