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How to remove lunchmeat drawer

Recently purchased Frigidaire LFTR2021TF5 , love it, but struggling trying to remove the small lunchmeat drawer to clean it. No one seems to know how.

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Would be eternally grateful for help.


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Try page 6 in the manual:

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Nope, did this several times, it did not work. This is really frustrating not being able to get the small lunch meat drawer out. How did they expect you to do this? So far no way to get it out. This should not be this difficult to get it out to clean it. I am frustrated and upset that even Frigidaire 1-800 could not help me at all. Been on line with them also to their website and was told I had to pay $5.00 to get the solution. NO WAY. What kind of "Chat" session tells you to pay to get the answer? Still frustrated big time.


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