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Annoncé le 16 Octobre 2014, identifiable par le numéro de modèle A1347 et EMC 2840.

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Adding Samsung SSD 970 Pro M2 to Mac Mini 2014 with factory HHD

Hi everyone,

I've an old Mac Mini (2014) with the original “Apple HHD“ HD.

I’d like to upgrade it for better performances installing an SSD but since i’m frightened of taking apart the whole machine i’m considering to buy a SAMSUNG SSD 512 GB 970 PRO M. 2

I have two questions though:

1) Is the Samsung SSD 970 Pro M2 PCIe suitable for my mac mini?

2) Is it possible to have both original HHD and the mentioned PCIe installed in the machine or it’s better to replace the old HHD with a brand-new SSD?

Thank you in advance

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Actually I upgraded my mini (i5 2.6Ghz, 8gb RAM) with Samsung 970 pro myself. It was super easy: I bought an adapter for 8$ (with free shipping and tools) and installed it with this nvme added to it. In my mini, it works just perfectly, with speeds just above the 700 MB/s (that’s only because of mini bus limitations). But it’s still 2 times faster than my simple SSD which I have in the place of the old HDD. And now I have two discs in place. So I just love this solution, as it made my mac mini much more usable, at least for a few years ahead.

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Its not Apple approved ;-}


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Sadly, Apple uses a different connector than the M.2 blade SSD’s. While some have managed to use an adapter to convert a M.2 SSD to work I really don’t recommend it.

While Apple SSD’s are a bit more expensive I would recommend you go with one of them or either a OWC or Transcend custom SSD’s which better match the Apple SSD’s

Here’s a good source of info and supply of the custom Apple SSD’s The Ultimate Guide to Apple’s Proprietary SSDs and here’s the guide to follow Remplacement du SSD du Mac mini fin 2014

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Unlikely without an adapter, best would be to get a good SSD with SATA interface.

You can only have 1 disk (either SSD or HDD) . Read the guide carefully - Step 34

Remplacement disque dur Mac Mini fin 2014

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