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Mate 20 de Huawei annoncé en octobre 2018 à Londres. Le modèle Global HMA-L29 est disponible avec 4/6 Go de RAM et 64/128 Go de stockage. Configuration à trois caméras, batterie de 4200mAh et capteur d'empreintes digitales sur l'arrière.

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Is my phone hard bricked?

Hi, all just wondering if my phone is hard bricked or not since I can’t find any information on my specific device it won’t turn nor vibrate the red light goes out and return after 10 seconds press of power button and the hard rest process. Is there any solution to it or is the phone dead?

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Try this link and check if you can force flash the stock ROM

Here’s a link to the available ROMs

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Hi, so my phone is hard bricked even though I didn't mess around with the software?


Also, How will I be able to flash ROM when there no connection to my pc?



Does the phone indicate that it is charging properly when the charger is connected?

You don't use a PC connection.

When you do a "force flash" the firmware files are stored on a SD card which you have pre-loaded (load into the root directory of the SD card) from a PC or phone or whatever and then you insert the SD card into the phone.

It is all there in the instructions


well, the condition regarding the charging thing it's weird the light comes on but now it flashing and when holding the power the phone vibrates but then the light goes back to solid again furthermore when it vibrates the screen comes on showing low battery but that's all once the solid light comes on the phone goes back the original condition black screen and no response.

Thank you for your help.



What happens if you just connect the charger and do not press any buttons?

Does it charge smoothly up to full charge or does it stop charging, start and stop etc?

Have you tried either starting the phone or doing a hard reset with the charger connected in case it is a faulty battery that is the cause of the problem?

Can you get into the phone's recovery menu area OK with the charger connected and switched on?


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