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Compresser and evaporator fan won't kick on my Refrigerator

Every thing works but the compresser and evaporator fan won't kick on,it like there's no power going to them??

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With the power disconnected from the refrigerator, use an Ohmmeter to check for continuity through the thermostat.

Don’t know about your particular model but has it got a timer control unit - example only?

If not, apologies.

If so check for continuity through that as well.

This is how they’re usually wired. I don’t know if it is the same for your model but it still may be of some help.

The timer disconnects power to the fan and the compressor when the fridge is in defrost mode and connects power to the defrost heater. When the timed period is over the power is restored to the fan and to the compressor.

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It don't have one,but it does have a defrost control board, I'm think that it


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