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Originally known as the Pathfinder Armada, the Armada was designed (in 2001 by Diane Allen) for the North American market and introduced in 2003 for the 2004 model year.

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Why does my car sound like it's going to stall while idleing?

2004 Armada. Just had starter replaced. Now car sounds like it's going to stall while idleing in drive. Service engine soon light went on and code was for misfire. Had all spark plugs replaced and tune up. It stopped doing it for a couple days. Now it's doing it again and service engine soon light is back on. What can be causing this?

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2 solutions

The problem could be the fuel pump.

Have it checked, pressure should read 51lbs.

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Thank you. We'll see if that's what it is. My dad was thinking maybe it might need a fuel injector flush?


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I would take back the vehicle to the place where they changed those plugs and tuned it up and ask for an explanation. I can speculate on the starter, spark plugs and tuneup they did. Any of those components could still be faulty. An injector could be clogged but, was it doing this when you took it out of the shop? Maybe try pouring in some injector cleaner fluid and fill the tank. Changing your fuel and oil filters might also be a good idea. If the car starts, then the fuel pump should be the last, but not least, thing to check. @mike8888, could be right. Who knows, maybe they accidentally moved the idle knob from the engine and it’s now too low. It’s usually a screw or a screw like cylindrical shaped nut attached to a with a stainless steel cable surrounded by a plastic tube, much like a bicycle breaks. I Hope this helps.

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