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Installing OS X on Multiple Macs

I have 7 Macbook Pro's that I replaced the HDD on. I need to install OS X onto the hard drive, but I only have the OS X cd to a few of the computers. Someone earlier told me that the install dvd's are binded to one Mac, so I cannot use install dvd from mac #1 on mac #2.

Is there any other way I could get OS X installed on a blank HDD without the install dvd?

PS: I have taken single Macs to the Apple store and they have done it for me for free, but I don't think they would be too delighted with me bringing in 7 of them.

Also would there be a Leopard torrent out there that would have the ability to work on more then one mac? Thanks

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A retail copy of 10.6 ($29.00) will install on any Intel processor machine. No registration numbers are required. Remember to format the hard drives before trying to install a system. Gray installation disk will only install on the series they were made for. You can set up Target mode and clone a system to a Mac using SuperDuper.

Here's how to do Target Mode:

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