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Une console de jeux télévisés produite par Sony Computer Entertainements, également connu sous le nom de PS4. Annoncée le 20 février 2013 et lancée sur le marché le 15 novembre 2013.

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Is all hope lost?


My ps4 needed a good cleaning, real bad.

Long story short, the power connector cable and the part that holds it down came off with it.


Normaly i would solder, but seeing as the pad was ripped away at the same time. There is nothing for the solder to stick to.

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As the title says, is all hope lost?

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Or do i need to get a new motherboard? *cries in expensive*

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@silverboy fecal matter happens. Get a sharp instrument like a razor, exacto knife or scalpel and carefully remove the green masking from the trace to expose the copper underneath. Then use a thin wire to solder a jumper from the points as shown to the connector. This is one of those times where I would apply a few drops of adhesive after the soldering to the connector. Just to provide a little bit of tensile strength to it. Not a horribly bad repair and it should get your board back on the road.

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