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The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini E10i runs on a custom version of Android and features 3G access. Released in 2010.

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My phone only blink and vibrate

my phone wont open,it only blink in green and vibrate

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i tried to disconnect recconect the battery but nothings happened,can someone help me how to open my phone?


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try holding middle and power button for 10 seconds to reset the phone.. it's an answer that has been given before and worked for a few people. it's worth trying the simple solutions first before you tear your phone apart.

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Sony Ericsson Repair parts

Sony Ericsson Xpeia X10 MiNi Touch Screen with Frame

SONY Ericsson Xpeia X10 MiNi Pro LCD Screen

Found this site that sells it with free shipping

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i think yyou wat do test point your phone with test point special cable for your model phone and spechial for your box repair like setool,rif,... and attention your box want active about test point and i think you can do this wit a-s-f box or any way can test point your phone ...this is abug and crash about macker company bout i research sony ericsson company wantnot agree this .i hope you can find any soulution or way can help you ............................ mamad jorj of iran ahwaz

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